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At HingBins, we provide quick, reliable disposal bin rentals in the Kelowna, West Kelowna & Okanagan area. As a Canadian owned and operated company, we focus on serving the community with quality customer service, competitive pricing and a simple and easy process.

We deliver our junk and disposal removal bins right to your door and make sure they are secure to prevent damaging your driveway. You fill up your junk, and then we will take it away on the date you specified.

What We Do


1933 Rosealee Lane


Quality kitchen renovations in Kelowna & The Okanagan. With a friendly, skilled team, we are able to offer kitchen solutions that meet your budget and surpass your expectations. 

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Regardless of your style or aesthetic, we can finish your bathroom however you’d like, from contemporary to classic and everything in between.



At Hingley Construction we can revitalize your exterior. We provide new exterior siding, gutters, paint, decks, fencing, and more.



Proud to offer Canadian made and manufactured cabinetry. We have access to a wide variety of colours, designs and sizes to create a custom look just for you.


Income Suits

Transforming a basement into an apartment with an independent entrance is, in fact, one of the most popular basement conversions that we are asked to undertake.

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Living Areas

Making them larger, opening it up to the kitchen, showing off a view – to replacing a fireplace or changing the flooring, all are great ways to renovate ones living room area.

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From corrosive to explosive and flammable to poisonous, here are more than 10 household-related products that cannot go into a residential dumpster rental:

❯ propane tanks

❯ ammunition

❯ leftover paint, paint cans and paint thinner, stains and varnish

❯ household cleaning products

❯ batteries

❯ fluorescent light bulbs

❯ tires, motor oil, gasoline and antifreeze

❯ aerosol cans

❯ pesticides and fertilizers

❯ pharmaceuticals and bio-medical waste

*Dirt and masonry products are allowed only when arranged at the time of your dumpster rental order.

Our bin rental period is a full 7 days. You may not have to keep it for the full 7 days but it’s good to have, and you may be thinking why? Well, a last minute de-cluttering session or a look through the household will prove its worth. These 7 days are included in the price of the rental, which would also include the delivery, pick-up and our driveway protection system.

Rental fees include: extra tonnage, extra days, and dealing with banned materials. Average tonnage fees are around $250 for a full bin.